As if I needed another hobby


Many years ago, I got hooked on tropical fishkeeping.  And then I got un-hooked because it’s a lot of work.  First I gave away my big fish and went to a nano tank, and then I put my last two fish into the tank I kept at the office, and that was supposed to have been the end of it.  Except that now our office is moving and there’s nowhere to put a fishtank at the new place.  So guess what I got to take home yesterday…

I’ve already started fantasizing about critters to add: more rasboras? More zebra loaches? Amano shrimp?  A betta?

Will I keep up with it?  Will it become a repository of algae, snails, and shame?  Will a cat sit on the somewhat-flimsy lid and fall in?  Watch this space for updates!