About the L33t Sewist

Calling myself L33t is totally tongue in cheek.  I’m no longer the ambitious beginning sewist who tries things because nobody has told me it’s too hard, but I’m not sure if I dare say I’ve reached intermediate status yet.

I do take a somewhat hackish approach to my crafting, and the better I get, the less inclined I am to follow instructions.  I like to frankenpattern, reverse-engineer, optimize, use inappropriate fabrics and yarns, and generally mess with things.

My favourite crochet designer is Doris Chan, and my favourite sewing designers are Trudy Hanson (if I’m going to actually make something) or Bellville Sassoon (if I’m going to hoard the pattern, and take it out occasionally to purr over it like The Precious).  What Trudy and Doris have in common is, they both make a point of designing styles that work well on all sorts of body types and sizes, from leggy six foot models, to roly-poly little me.   I also really like that both make themselves very accessible to their fans/customers – Doris on Ravelry and Trudy in the HotPatterns Facebook group.  Where else can you get help with a design, or a Like for your work, from the actual designer?

If I’m not crafting, I might be singing or playing with horses.  Or more likely, working in a beige cube farm to fund said activities. I’m married, childfree by choice, and we have two cats and a dog.