Planned: Anti-chub-rub shorts from Seamster Rose Hip Tights

I am desperately in need of undershorts; I’m down to basically two pairs (three if I don’t mind rips and holes) – and I’m going on vacation next week to southern BC, where the forecast is 30C+ the whole week, and that means wearing dresses.  Time to get sewing!  My self-drafted undershorts pattern is too small now, and I don’t want to draft another, so my plan is to use Seamster Rose Hip Tights (The pattern company seems to have folded, but you can still buy this pattern from PatternReview, where it comes highly recommended.) to make shorts.  It seems to me, if you can make thigh-highs by making only the legs and attaching the cuffs at the top of the legs, why couldn’t you make shorts by making only the bum, and attaching the cuffs to the bottom of the legs?

This looks like a fairly challenging pattern with interesting geometry and seams in places you wouldn’t quite expect – which is also why I like it.  No inner thigh seam should mean less friction than standard undershorts.  And if the shorts work out and I decide to make actual tights, the feet are cleverly constructed so there’s no seam on the underside – which is important to me because I have delicate princess feet and get blisters from just about everything.

Extra challenge: the largest size is for 42″W/50″H – and my measurements are 48″H/54″H.  I had been thinking about doing math to try to figure out precisely how much I need to add, accounting for stretch percentages and so forth:

final garment measurement = my body measurement * ((finished garment measurement)/(pattern body measurement))

but for my first muslin I’m just going to wing it, adding 2.5″ at the waist tapering to nothing by mid-thigh.

I hope to post results of my first attempt, later this evening.



4 thoughts on “Planned: Anti-chub-rub shorts from Seamster Rose Hip Tights

  1. And then I completely fucked up making the trial pair – half of it is one way out and half is the other way out, seams showing no matter which way you wear it. But the fit is good and the double layer on the inner thighs will provide superior chub rub protection.

    Now I have to make 5 pair by end Saturday.


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